Oral Cancer Screenings in Winchester, VA

According to national statistics from the Oral Cancer Foundation, roughly 53,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. This results in 9,750 deaths annually, which translates into one person killed every hour.
We believe that detection and proactive treatment is key to saving as many lives as possible. At Tolley Dental, we’re passionate about providing in-depth oral cancer screenings to increase your chances of prevention and recovery with every check-up!

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is usually found in the head and neck, but the symptoms usually don’t appear until the disease progresses. Some people may not experience any symptoms at all, which worsens the situation as cancerous cells migrate into lymph nodes. Oral cancer could also create primary or secondary tumors without causing any noticeable pain. The earlier oral cancer is detected, the higher your chances are of finding the right treatment.

What Causes Oral Cancer?

Studies have shown that the causes of oral cancer varies from person to person. For example, smoking increases your chances of developing cancerous tumors in patients aged 40 or younger. Alcohol is also a contributing factor along with a compromised immune system or in some cases, HPV.

How Are Oral Cancer Screenings Conducted?

Oral cancer screenings are a crucial part of routine care and maintenance, especially if you’re an active smoker or drinker. Since oral cancer can’t be detected through a physical exam, our practice relies on the latest techniques and technology to screen for warning signs as early as possible.
Dr. Tolley and our team of trusted dentists will inspect your mouth for any signs of puss, lumps, or irregular tissues. Then, we take a closer look around your mouth and other areas like the throat, nose, or neck. In some cases, we recommend an endoscopy to get a close-up view of specific organs. If anything looks suspicious, a biopsy is done by taking a small tissue sample for further analysis.

What Tests Are Used For Oral Cancer Screenings?

If you’re getting a routine exam done, going with an oral brush biopsy would be the least invasive method for swabbing problematic areas. This can also be done in combination with an X-ray to search for abnormalities in certain parts of your mouth and neck. Here’s a list of other oral cancer screening procedures that could be used depending on your condition:

  • HPV test
  • Barium swallow
  • CT or CAT scan
  • MRI scan
  • PET scan

After performing any of these diagnostic tests, our doctors assess the results carefully. This is called the ‘staging process’, which classifies whether you have oral cancer or not. Depending on your results, we’ll come up with a personalized solution for your needs.

Book Your Oral Cancer Screenings At Tolley Dental

When it comes to oral cancer, prevention is key! With early detection, you’ll have a much higher chance of beating the disease and making a full recovery.
If you’re searching for reliable and affordable oral cancer screenings, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Tolley is an expert in detecting early signs of oral cancer so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. Book an appointment and get your oral screening done today!


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