Tooth Extractions in Winchester, VA

It can be scary to think about tooth extractions, but dental patients should know they are the most common procedures performed. Tooth extractions can help relieve pain and restore oral health by removing teeth that have been damaged or diseased. At Tolley Dental, our team is ready to treat any situation you have.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

Dental extractions are one of the most common oral surgery procedures performed in a dental office. Many patients need their wisdom teeth extracted or have teeth with advanced decay and ones that have become so severely damaged due to injury or disease that they can no longer be saved. Tooth extraction is needed for many reasons and can be prevented in many ways. Typically when a tooth has been extracted, a dental implant or bridge will be used to replace the missing tooth. This is so that the remaining healthy teeth and bones are preserved.

Why You Would Need a Tooth Pulled

It is not always easy to know when you need a tooth pulled, but it is sometimes necessary for the long-term health of your mouth and for your overall health and wellness needs. Certain teeth can be saved or repaired with root canal therapy, but this is not always possible.

Here are some reasons why you might need to have a tooth removed:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Tooth impaction is when your tooth is growing in and is pushing against the neighboring tooth. Wisdom teeth are more times than not the cause of impacted teeth. They usually do not have enough room to grow in properly and will grow inward towards the rest of your healthy teeth. It can cause teeth crowding, jaw pain, and even infection. This is why wisdom tooth removal is best to get done as soon as possible.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar due to poor oral hygiene. You can easily prevent it, but they can begin to decay when you do not care for your teeth. When your tooth reaches a point of infection and starts to cause you pain, there is typically only one thing left to do, which is to remove the tooth. We will replace the missing tooth with a dental implant or dental bridge.

Periodontal and Gum Disease

This is similar to tooth decay in that it is also caused by poor dental hygiene habits. When your teeth start building up plaque and tartar, your gums, bones, and tissue surrounding your teeth can become infected, leading to advanced periodontal disease and advanced gum disease. If severe enough, tooth extraction is recommended so that you can save the surrounding teeth and bone.

Tooth Pain

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it could be caused by infection, tooth crowding, or other serious oral health issues. We can often treat tooth pain without tooth extraction, but you may need a dental extraction to alleviate the pain, depending on the severity.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

Many times, your teeth become damaged past a point of repair. If your teeth have chipped or completely broken and we cannot use a veneer or crown to fix it, extraction may become necessary. Extraction is typically the only option when the tooth has broken below the gum line.

What Is Involved With an Tooth Removal?

If you are in the position of needing to have a tooth extracted, you must know what the process entails. After a dental exam and a consultation with your dentist, they will determine if a tooth extraction is necessary or not. If extraction is required, then the steps involved depend on the severity of your situation.

For every case, you will be administered a numbing agent and/or a local anesthetic to minimize your pain and discomfort. The entire procedure is relatively quick, depending on the severity and how many teeth are being removed. Stitches are typically involved at the extraction site after the removal, and recovery from a regular tooth extraction can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

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