Cosmetic Dental Fillings in Winchester, VA

Get Professional And Cosmetic Dental Fillings

Got cavities? It’s time to book a professional dental filling!

According to statistics from the World Dental Federation, over 44% of the global population are affected by cavities and tooth decay. However, a lot of people associate dental fillings with metal, gold, or silver fillings that look fake and unflattering.
At Tolley Dental, we give our patients more attractive cosmetic choices with our tooth colored dental fillings! Instead of having your damaged teeth stand out, no one will ever notice the difference between your real teeth and the work you had done at our practice.

What Are Tooth Colored Fillings Used For?

Tooth colored fillings are made with composite resin. This moldable material is made up of ceramic and plastic compounds that repair holes caused by cavities and tooth decay. This method is a popular choice among patients who want to improve their teeth’s appearance and functionality. Tooth colored fillings are great for both aesthetic and restorative care, especially if you’re doing it to look good and feel better about your appearance.

What’s The Difference Between Amalgam And Resin Composite Fillings?

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way since metal-based tooth fillings. Compared to Amalgam, tooth colored fillings offer more benefits for salvaging teeth, minus the noticeable flaws. While Amalgam is arguably more durable, it could cause more stress to your existing teeth with its inflexible build.
There have also been reports of mercury toxicity and tooth sensitivity associated with traditional dental fillings. Of course, a major issue involves the aesthetic aspect of the treatment! Amalgam fillings are very noticeable and often contrast with the patient’s teeth, which can affect their overall confidence in their smile.

How Are Tooth Colored Fillings Applied To Teeth?

Before giving our patients their dental filling, we perform an X-ray examination to look for cavities, tooth decay, and other dental issues. We also assess the state of your enamel and dentin to pinpoint which areas will benefit from a filling. Then, we follow these standard steps for each procedure:

  • Apply topical numbing gel and local anesthetic.
  • Remove decayed parts of the tooth.
  • Apply self-etching adhesive to create the ideal surface for bonding.
  • Inject the tooth with tooth colored composite fillings.
  • Sculpt each tooth to perfection with a condenser.
  • Pack the filling, smooth it out, and carefully contour.
  • Use a curing light to harden everything in place.
  • Polish everything in line with the rest of your teeth.

It usually takes at least 20 minutes to complete a single tooth filling, but it may take longer for multiple teeth and larger cavities. After the procedure, we’ll perform a quick bite test to ensure you’re 110% happy with the results! You can expect some sensitivity in the tooth for a while, so it’s important to practice regular dental hygiene and get dental check-ups once every 6 months.

Choose Durable Tooth Colored Fillings At Tolley Dental

If you want to repair your teeth without compromising aesthetics, tooth colored fillings are exactly what you need. Our team of dental experts are always ready to provide flawless, high-quality results with next to no downtime. Schedule an appointment with us today and get your teeth professionally filled at the most trusted dental practice in Winchester, VA.


Love the staff! Love Dr. Tolley! When dental emergencies have come up for my husband and I, they have always gotten us in quickly and provided outstanding service!


I had a very pleasant experience. Everyone is very friendly and the technicians are very good at what they do. Dr Tolley is great…very personable and skilled, great at cosmetic dentistry. Best dentist in the Winchester area (and beyond)!


Wonderful experience!! Very professional yet personable staff. Dr. Tolley was amazing. Got me in and pulled my abscess tooth even during Covid. Highly recommend their dental services. I am very thankful to them all and glad I was referred to them by a friend. If looking for a dentist, give them a call!!


Dr. Tolley, his medical staff, and his office staff are all kind and accommodating. Totally recommend this office for their professional skill and personable care. Thanks so much!